Peel / 2013
Coat stand - for Kuperus & Gardenier

In collaboration with Dutch brand Kuperus & Gardenier, Oato. designed a set of products inspired
by Finnish birch plywood as the main material. The set consists of a side table (Wrap) and coat
stand (Peel). Kuperus & Gardenier is known as a traditional woodcrafts company that also
executes products for designers and brands like Aldo Bakker and Thomas Eyck (t.e.), and in
2012 started their own collection of products.

Our second design for Kuperus & Gardenier comes from the rest material of Finnish birch
plywood created by the Wrap. Inspired by the way veneer is created (carving thin strips of wood
from a log) we returned the strips to a stem, from which small parts seemed to be peeled to
create the coat hooks.


Design, photography:
Kuperus & Gardenier