Invert / 2015
Pendant lamp

The goal of the Invert project was to use the density of steel so the light would be directed in such
a way that it becomes visible from the outside and form a specific detail.
We created the lamp out of three identical panels, which are shaped in such a way that a small
overlap and slit is created on the vertical edges. The slit is large enough to emit just a bit of
ambient lighting into its surrounding space, but due to the overlap, still is small enough so it
keeps you from looking uncomfortably into the light source. Downwards a subtle direct light is
emitted, and with the deep positioning of the light source you barely look directly into the light
when it is above you. Although the lampshade encloses the light source tightly, it's easy for the
user to change the light bulb. By simply unscrewing the brass element on top of the panels, it's
possible to lift them and reach the bulb.


Approx. 11 x 11 x 28 cm (lwh) / including 2 meter of cord  / matte white only / € 119,-

Design, photography: