Ledge / 2016
Shelving system - for NewConic

For new Dutch design brand NewConic, Oato. designed Ledge, a simple but daring shelving
system consisting out of just 3 parts: shelf, panel and cross. These parts create a wide range of
options, ideal for any situation.

The shelf parts are made from 1mm thick powder-coated steel plate with a down folded edge on
the front side and an up folded edge at the back, creating extra stability. The holes on the flange
connect the shelf to the front edges of the panels, bold and functional. The panels of Ledge are
made from 15mm birch plywood. Holes positioned every 104mm make it easy to connect the
shelves on various heights, with no specific order for easy assembly and a strong construction.
Extending the design by adding an extra column is just as straightforward and easy. The steel
cross element is added to completely stiffen up the whole design, whether it's a small or big setup.

The Ledge shelving system is available in two standard heights, 1,06m and 1,80m with a width of
50cm. The system can be ordered starting from 2 columns, including 2 side panels and 6 shelves
up to an infinite number of elements. For an extra price it's also possible to order custom sized
Ledge elements.


Working together with René Lievers of NewConic has given Oato. Design Office a great
opportunity for realizing the Ledge shelving system. René Lievers is a real expert when it comes
to the retail value and possibilities of a design idea. He is the driving force behind Lundia Holland
and other successful retail brands. Over time he has given Oato. advice and insights in the retail
design market. René Lievers immediately saw great potential in the idea of the shelving system
and, together with product developer Jan-Kees de Jager, was fully dedicated on realizing the
Ledge shelving system.


Ledge is available in variety of standard sizes.
Want something else? Contact us to see what's possible.

Ledge 180 cm / 6 shelves / 2 side panel / € 303,75
Ledge 180 cm / 12 shelves / 3 side panels / € 521,50
Ledge 180 cm / 18 shelves / 4 side panels / € 739,25
Ledge 180 cm / 24 shelves / 5 side panels / € 956,75

Every extra panel + 6 shelves: € 217,75


Product Development:
Jan-Kees de Jager